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My opionion on everything.

The title screen seems a little tacky. Maybe if it where a long loop it'd look better, but now it's just/down up/down.

The in-battle sprites are nice, but seem a little small for the screen resolution and battle interface.

I'm interested to see what happens at the end of the storyline. Do the moon lovers destroy the sun, or vice-versa? Either way, life on earth would be doomed.

For the features, I doubt you'll be able to create 144 new Pokémon, but we'll see.

The Pokémon sprites are good, but are you going to redesign every single past 'mon to be in that style? Otherwise they won't fit in.

The B/W style of tiles you've used is pretty good. It's nice to see that you've gone with the pixel art version of outline-less tiles, not the messy-and-uneven-version-that-some-people-still-love-for-some-insane-reason made by some. The only issue seems to be with the Poké Centre door, which you won't be able to get into.

And now for the end of the thread, and the inevitable demo. Wait... No demo?! This is a massive step back not showcasing the demo, even if there are a few differences between it and this version of the game. I'm sure you could change the graphics very easily, retaining the old events for now.

Demo Beta out Now!