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    Right now, I'm in the postgame, and have beaten Morimoto, Cheren, and Cynthia, as well as caught Volcarona and Kyurem. My team is:

    Serperior, level 54
    Leech Seed
    Leaf Blade

    I know most people hate it, but Serperior actually worked wonders for my team. Thanks to Leech Seed, Coil, and it's high speed, it was able to set up easily and sweep. It's offenses are kinda lackluster, but after 6 coils, type coverage is pretty much irrelevant, and even crappy moves do a lot of damage. And after it's coiled up, physical attacks do almost nothing. Even an Acrobatics from N's Archeops (140 base attack, several levels above my Serperior, super effective), isn't even a 2HKO.

    Simipour, level 55
    Ice Beam
    Work Up

    Not my best pokemon, but IMO better than most people insist. Work Up was really useful since it raises both attack stats, making it a pretty good mixed attacker. It's also pretty fast, so it was able to outspeed several of the endgame pokemon.

    Darmanitan, level 55
    Fire Punch
    Hammer Arm
    Flare Blitz
    Belly Drum
    (I'm still working on the moveset)

    Belly Drum sweeps with this thing = instant rape. It pretty much OHKO'd everything the last couple gym leaders had with that jacked-up Attack stat, which makes even Fire Punch seem like Explosion in terms of raw power.

    Eelektross, level 55 (this is actually my 2nd one)
    Spark (I don't care for recoil that much)

    Okay, I must admit, this thing kinda sucks ingame. In order for it to learn Coil, it needs to reach level 54 without evolving. And going through the whole game with an NFE? Bleh. I just evolved it as soon as possible and ditched it after the E4 to catch another one. However, once I could actually grind using the level 40 something Audinos, it improved a LOT. Since it doesn't have any weaknesses, it's been really easy to set up, and the type coverage is pretty good too, so it can sweep. It was really useful against Cheren's final team.

    Sigilyph, level 54
    Shadow Ball
    Calm Mind
    Air Slash

    Great special attacker/tank, since it gets access to a TON of Special-based moves and Calm Mind to increase it's survivability. Psychic and Shadow Ball from this thing hurts like hell, and Air Slash hax is nice too.

    Excadrill, level 56
    Rock Slide
    Swords Dance
    Brick Break

    This thing is amazing. So many awesome level up moves that basically make this thing able to kill EVERYTHING. Swords Dance + Earthquake + 135 base attack basically guarantees that anything within 35 levels of it will be 2HKO'd or better. With the help of a couple of X Speeds, my Excadrill ripped through most of Morimoto's team at level 48, and about 4 of Cynthia's pokemon at level 52. Also, you'd think something with that kind of firepower would be frail, but no. Thanks to it's typing, it resists almost everything (except the occasional Flamethrower or Surf), allowing it to set up.

    So there's my team. So far, it's been able to pull off wins against some of the postgame trainers that a lot of people don't attempt until at least level 70. I think I picked some pretty good pokemon, though I haven't tried the Battle Subway yet, so I'm not sure how my team stacks up against my SS or Platinum teams yet.
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