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"That's more like it," grinned Selene, somewhat dismayed by Valorie first giving up and then looking upset by Sel asking for another battle against Dratini...she thought Valorie LIKED Dratini mewed up at her, Sel laughed and crouched down to eye level with the dragon type. "Ahh as adorable as you are, Ryan and I aren't going to take it easy on you sweets!" she chirped, before starting suddenly. "Oh, just a moment..."

Reaching into her bag, Sel dug around her berry box and let out a 'ha!' as she found a plump Cheri Berry. "Hey Ry, catch!" she called, throwing the berry in his direction, Ryan leaping up and catching it in his mouth. Chewing it slowly, Sel watched as his back rippled with static and he shook his head as though clearing it. He grinned and ran in a circle around her, showing off his renewed speed. Smiling Selene nodded. "Awesome Ry, now, let's use the Dratini method," she smiled and pointed forwards, "use Double Team!" she watched as a clone of Ryan appeared next to him, both clones instantly setting off running around Dratini in random directions, swerving and weaving.
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