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Originally Posted by tkallab View Post
I have a simple problem here. At least, I hope it's simple, otherwise I'm stuck with this glitch.
I've made a script where the player steps on a tile, then walks up, and a msgbox opens, and that's the script. Don't get me wrong, it works perfectly, but there's a small issue.
You see, the tile the player steps on is a warp. So a little arrow shows up when he steps on it. And then the arrow continues to be there until the script is over.
So, is there a way to remove that arrow while the script is still running?
Might as well illustrate this with some screepshots I took for another forum.

So, here I wanna go outside. Everything okay.

When suddenly, someone decides to not let me out. Don't worry, this is still part of the script.

Now an applymovement command moves me toward the lady. BUT. The arrow is still there.

Even when I stop moving and start a new conversation, the arrow continues to exist.

It's gone after the script ends, luckily.

Is it possible to remove that arrow during the script?