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    Blade focus on watching the forest was commendable he only glance a few times on the battle and didn't even turn when Snype asked him what was he looking for. {Nothing they're already here waiting for us} Blade responded short and sweet knowing that every move they made was being watched and especially knowing that when bug times come together as a pack they can be dangerous. Blade was preparing himself for the worst setting up and sharpening his blades ready to ensure nothing reaches to Jack, even if Jack would say he can take care of himself.

    The impact from the dig attack had woke Giga and he was now in the air flying, at an advantage over the grounded Len "You ok Giga" Jack asked which prompted a nod form Giga in the air. "Good so use Hone Claw" Giga held his claws out and it appeared as if his claws got longer and sharper. "OK now Scratch!" Giga swoop down and sliced at Len then straight back into the air looking back to see if his attack had hit.
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