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Valuerie looked up, her expression becoming serious and seemingly focused on the battle at hand. Dratini bristled, recognizing the tactic. Valorie thought about the situation for a moment. How much was she willing to bet that Dratini had a more finely tuned routine? Maintaining the illusion of a double team was not always an easy task.

"Don't let him outdo you at your own game Dratini! Set Double Team back up!"

Dratini shifted into two again, both Dratinis eyeing one of the Ryans thoughtfully. Valorie knew all she had to do was find the right one and get Dratini to stick to him like glue. Would Dratini be able to hold up against many more attacks was the question. She didn't doubt that Dratini had a strong advantage on a fair battlefield due to her typing, but she had already taken quite a few hits in the last battle.

Seeing as Ryan was significantly faster Valorie knew right away that playing defensively would be the most efficient strategy. As a rule of thumb, the faster of two aggressive pokemon tended to win a fight. If one pokemon played defensively, however, the entire dynamic changed.

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