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Grinning, Selene watched as Valorie ordered Dratini to use her own double team. She watched as multiple Dratini watched multiple Pikachu, as though trying to figure out which one was the real one. As much as Sel wanted to get Ryan on the attack, he couldn't without giving away which one of him was the real one...if one looked closely at the two apparently similar Ryans on the field then they would notice a slight difference in movement between them - one had a hardly noticeable increased fluidity of movement, but you'd have to look really closely to nOtice this.

Sel suddenly had an idea. "okay Ryans! Quick Attack on the Dratini!" she shouted as both the illusionary and the Real Ryan charging towards the two Dratini. Of course, if the illusion Ryan was tackling the real Dratini there would obviously be no damage inflicted, but equally the real Dratini would be unveiled and Ryan could kick his speed up a notch. Selene watched as The Ryans got closer to the Dratini, wondering what would happen.
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