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The two Dratinis floated closer together, baiting the two Ryans to do the same as they came after her. The plan was to get them close enough so that even if Ryan didn't hit the real one, she could still retaliate effectively. Their cheeks sparked with electricity dangerously. It was Dratini's standard combo. Valorie considered for a moment that it might be getting stale by now, but how could a good combo that was so hard to effectively counter get stale? She passed the thought from her mind. By coincidence Ryan managed to hit the real Dratini. Dratini whined out loud, squinting and immediately discharging another thunderwave at Ryan, hoping to score the hit before he could have a chance to get away. Valorie became tense around the moment of impact. If Dratini could slow him down, she might be able to pull off a victory. Key moves like this were things she practically depended on in every battle.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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