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    Originally Posted by Peeky Chew View Post
    So it's done to avoid having three different tiles taken up by the animation? Because if the character is perfectly aligned (which it has to be at 18 pixels wide), then it already is over three tiles. Since three are being taken already, then it doesn't make sense to not move it two pixels to the right, and avoid all of the teleporting through walls trouble as well.
    Dude, stop whining. It's done that way because it's done that way. You pointed out a flaw. Good work. I applaud you. Now that they've told you that it's not actually a flaw, get over it. It's not your game.

    As for the project as a whole, I remember when you guys started Emort way back when on PFU. Good times, those were. It's nice to see the amount of progress you guys have come through.
    Might I also add that Felayme (doesn't it strike you that it shouldn't have "lame" in its name?) and Flamane look absolutely badass now. I didn't like the version of Flamane you had for Helio. That is great, though.

    I assume that with everything you guys did for Helio, you'll have a massive jump start on this?