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Valorie watched with deadpan satisfaction as the thunder wave hit. Now the ball was in Dratini's court. The only question was endurance. Dratini was now capable of keeping up with Ryan and more due to the rather harsh slowdown the Paralysis was causing. She floated around, staring down the real Ryan as he began to run around her, even keeping track of him as two more clones emerged from his presence. The thunderbolt hit Dratini and she cried out, making something akin to a light growling noise. Valorie could tell she was being worn thin.

"Dratini, time for something fresh! Combine Dragon Rage and Twister!"

Dratini responded. She knew what Valorie meant. A funnel of powerful wind began to form directly around her with her in the eye. She simultaneously spewed flames out into the twister, fueling a flaming dragon rage twister that would hit anything too close to Dratini very hard. Even at Ryan's level, Dragon Rage was still a devastating attack to be hit with, let alone when combined with a twister. Shortly after the attack was created the twister began to dissipate, sending the flames flying in all directions like a wall of fire for a good few meters before they too dissipated.

"Great job Dratini! You did good!"
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