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Valorie blinked. She was being shouted at again, but this time she understood why and so it didn't bug her a whole lot. Apparently the battle was over. She called out Dratini's name, getting the attention of the serpent pokemon as she began to approach. Dratini turned to look at Valorie before being shocked by a thunderbolt and crying out again, becoming rather upset. Valorie hastened her walk a bit at the sight of this and reached out, taking hold of Dratini and hugging her. She could barely even believe she had pulled it off. Somewhere along the lines she had tried to repress her competitiveness towards Selene and that had involved accepting a loss.

Dratini squirmed a bit in Valorie's arms, coiling around her a bit in turn. She then closed her eyes. Valorie could tell she was seeking comfort and freed one hand to lightly pet her, glad that she was at least calmed down.

She then turned to watch what was going on with Selene and Ryan. Were those... tears? Ironically she hadn't been smiling to begin with, but at the sight of this she felt a sudden urge to go to Selene.

Valorie walked over to Selene, slowing down as she got near arms reach, taking the last few steps a bit cautiously, observing what was going on. Did she offer her support? Was Selene mad? She felt herself beginning to angst over her worries and went on ahead and repressed that too.


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It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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