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Ryans breathing Hitched for a moment before he sighed lightly and turned in towards Selene, and Sel smiled as he did so - he was going to be okay. of course he was. He's a resilient little Pokemon...

Hearing footsteps approaching, Selene knew that it was Valorie before she even looked up. She wasn't angry at Valorie at all, she'd done well to defeat Ryan and that was the nature of battling, there were winners and losers and Ryan had drawn the short straw in going up against the much more powerful Dratini. Looking up, Selene noticed that Valorie seemed hesitant and unsure of how to act with her.

With the quiet 'hey...' Selene was reminded of herself the first time they battled when Blu beat Dratini. A small smile slid onto her face at the irony and Sel wiped her eyes before standing up and facing Valorie, grinning at her as she squeezed Ryan.

"hiya! Wow...what a battle hey?" she said brightly, smiling down at Dratini "well done Dratini, that was a fantastic battle! Going to have to get ourselves trained up to get the jump on you aren't we!" she looked back up at Valorie and nodded towards Mark and jack "want to go train or watch these guys and pick up some ideas?"
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