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    The battle look set for a stale mate as both pokemon would retreat to the area where the other couldn't reach, so what was the point. Giga had taken to the air again dodging the Lens attack, although he didn't look it Giga was a pretty decent flier and manuevered himself well in the air. Jack stopped for a moment he was in his thinking process again What to do? What to do? Neither had a weakness to the other and Len wasn't so far ahead that it could easily. Next option Herb, Mark didn't see when Jack caught him so it would a surprise plus the type advantage he had plus the fact that mark didn't have a pokemon with an advantage over him. It was win win win, just like Jack wanted to do win. "Did great Giga take a rest" Jack returned Giga to his pokeball and now had two pokemon resting up before returning."Go H-" Jack was interupted though as the pokeball in his hand was snatched by a web from the forest.

    "What the!" Jack was angry did a pokemon just try and steal his pokemon, {Looks like there ready} Blade said as a hoard of spinaracks and beedrills had started swarming the area. It didn't stop there the Spinaracks snatched all the pokeballs that contained pokemon and put them into a pile high up the trees. "Crap" Blade warned Jack about this but his desire to battle was too strong. They were surrounded everyone what could they do to get themselves out of this one?
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