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Nodding, Sel laughed slightly, eyes flicking down to Ryan in her arms. "Oh yeah, I think the wild pokemon will be good for now..." she looked over as Bri spoke, 'something going on out there' made a shiver run down Sel's spine. She wasn't normally into superstitious sixth-sense mumbo jumbo but watching Bri, Blade and the other Pokemon got her worried...

"So where sha-HEY!" she shouted as something wrapped around her leg tightly. "GORDON! STOP THIS THING!" she shouted, Gordon using his Incinerate on the webs that were shooting towards her - he managed to burn through the majority of them but Sharpay's pokeball was swiped from her belt before she or Gordon could stop it. "SHARPAY!" she whirled around, following the ball up into the tree where it settled with other Pokeballs. Growling she looked around at everyone else, Gordon standing by her to ward off any other attacks.

"Guys, what is this?! What's happening?!"...her question was answered with Spinarak and Beedrill covering the area...oh shoot. She still had Blu, Gordon and Ri...Ryan could've zapped the Beedrill out of the sky in one but he was weak...cradling him in one arm, she reached into her bag and pulled out a Potion. It would only restore his health by a little, but it was something...spraying it onto him she rubbed it into his skin in circular motions and watched as his ears picked up a little, eyes opening slowly until he blinked, looking around him, ears going down as he looked at the Beedrill.

"Ryan...I'm sorry baby, I don't want to make you do this...I know you've just battled, but we need help. Please, can you Thunderbolt as many of these Beedrill as you can?" Ryan watched her closely before jumping down from her arms and looking around. He targeted several Beedrill in front of him and threw Thunderbolts at them a powerful attack that hit 4 of them, 2 evading the attack by swooping upwards into the trees. The 4 Beedrill fell to the ground...but now Sel couldn't help but suspect that she'd angered the others...she hurriedly released Ri and Blu, ready for any attack.
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