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    Jack couldn't help but have a little smile on his face despite the magnitude of the situation "Reminds you of the old days doesn't it" Jack and Blaze trained like this all the time back home, beating weedle after weedle and trying to get as strong as possible {Karma i guess} Blade joked as he took out a couple oncoming spinaraks, thankfully he didn't battle and was at full health for the unslaught. "hm, Blade Quick Attack and Slash go" Blade leaped into a group of Beedrill as quick as he couldtaking out a couple before he got surrounded and way out numbered but thankfully holding his own. "Keep it up Blade" Jack tried climbing the tree to atleast recieve Blaze from the webs but stopped in his tracks as an Ariados showed his ugly face, Probably the leader Jack thought as he held a good distance before turning his attention to Blade was was crossing swords with Beedrills a plenty.
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