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"BRI WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" shouted Sel, fists clenching. She growled slightly - that boy! He spent so long worrying about something happening and then when it did he just threw himself up the tree where the Spinarak and Beedrill were waiting for them!! "Ryan, keep shocking those Beedrill!" Selene instructed him, before turning to Gordon. "Gord...I know we haven't been together long, but you'll be able to fry those Spinarak in moments...please trust me?" she asked hurriedly and for an awfuol moment she thought the Pansear would refuse...

But then, Gordon leapt up onto her back and Sel nodded, running to the tree Bri had clambered up. Selene began climbing up the tree, having done this kind of thing throughout her childhood she was used to climbing. Once up there, she pointed Gordon off to help Thyme and Duster, trying to help Bri. "WHERE ARE THESE POKEBALLS?" she shouted, looking round desperately. She couldn't see them...don't say the Spinarak had moved them!
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