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    Thyme thought that Bri looked like a Mankey the way he was climbing. She heard that loudmouthedd brat yelling at Bri, though thankfully Bri didn't hear her. Thyme climbed up to a higher branch and used Growth again. She was glowing so much that she now looked nearly twice her size! She smiled and blasted some more of those Spinarack. She spotted an Ariados looking mecacingly at Blades trainer. Stupid Scyther wasn't paying any attention to his trainer. Now who was going to save the human? She was the only one nearby. She climbed over to Jack, trusting Gordan to keep Bri safe.

    "They're in the web! Help me rip it open!" Bri said. He had made it up the tree. He began tugging on the web trying to open it. Duster ran up the tree to keep Bri safe the way Thyme had. Nova was in heaven. He was roasting a lot of weakling bugs. He was so happy! He spotted Snype nearby and growled at him.
    "What are you doing? Come down here and fight you coward!" he said.

    Drizzle was watching out for Mark and Val. They had both battled and the pokemon they had with them weren't exactly as battle ready as he was. He uleashed his Water Gun on another Beedrill, and it went down. It hadn't fainted, but if you get the wings wet enough it couldn't fly.

    Thyme landed in front of Jack and glanced at him before turning her attention to the Ariados. She was scared, but she had to do something! But, she didn't know what! She looked at Jack for direction. It was one thing to take out wimpy worthless bugs, it was quite another to face off with the leader!
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