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    Snivy had jumped between Jack and the Ariados protecting him or so she would have said "Hey Snivy I suggest we both leave now" Jack wouldn't have told one of his pokemin to back down from a fight but Thyme wasn't his and the fact that grass types were weak against bug pokemon didn't make him feel better. Jack couldn't feel responsible for anything that would happen to him {Stupid Humans} The Ariados shouted as he shot a poison sting attack at the two. Jack leaped in front of Thyme taking the blow "Ok now you take care of him" Jack said weakly as he fell out of the tree.

    Blade finally kicked into action he shot past all the Beedrils and caught Jack in as he was about to fall. Blade was silent as he watched his trainer motionless from the poison but squirm from pain every few seconds.

    (Didnt realise till after but this little group has a problem with being poisoned)
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