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Valorie was startled when a web reached into her satchel on its own. What a rude, obnoxious pokemon! She was more alarmed when it yanked several pokeballs out. Valorie dived for the pokeballs, missing and scraping up her arms and legs on the ground. She then yelled in frustration. Heck no that did not just happen! They did not dare just steal her pokemon! She was mad, and not just because she had taken a dive trying to stop them.

Her immediate thought was that she would start burning stuff if she had to. Yet... the others seemed to be taking a less destructive approach. Suddenly, Dratini abruptly perked up and shot off a dragon rage without warning, startling Valorie, only for it to hit a Beedrill that had been coming at her, instantly causing the pokemon to faint on impact. Valorie shuddered and ran after Selene, who was...climbing...a...tree. Great. Valorie walked to the base of the tree, looking up and grimacing. She then began trying to climb the tree, making a complete fool of herself as she struggled to gain any altitude at all. She was trying hard, but she was still tired from earlier and didn't even have experience.

Meanwhile, Dratini occasionally shot Beedrill out of the sky for looking at her trainer wrong. Unfortunately, she was being rather defensive, only attacking Beedrills that showed signs of wanting to attack. Thus, when a Beedrill decided to attack from a range with a poison sting she was helpless to protect Valorie.

Valorie's expression suddenly blanked as she felt what felt like several shots being administered at once. She then screamed, falling off the tree and just sort of curling into a ball on the ground, shuddering. Dratini meanwhile quickly hovered low over Valorie in a protective manner, ready to shield her trainer with her own body, glaring threateningly at passing Beedrill.

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