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    Nova blasted some more of them. He was suddenly aware that there were a lot more pokemon fighting with him. Good. He had slowly been getting pushed up against a tree. He darted out into the open and Roared, sending many of the bugs crawling away. He stood proudly until he felt a prick on his neck. He yelped and went down.

    Drizzle was sore all over. There were just too many. He was standing over the two human girls that had fallen next to the tree Bri was up. He was fighting as hard as he could. There was no way he was going to let this happen!
    "Drizzle, use Quick Attack!" Bri yelled as he climbed down the tree. He thanked the Swablu that had helped him, unsure who it belonged to. Duster scampered around him, keeping those nasty bugs off of him. A beedrill flew at her and she leapt up and Tickled it until it fell. Then she Pounded it into the tree. Bri reached the bottom branch and lost his balance. Thankfully, he didn't have far to fall. He barely avoided landing on the two girls below him. The wind was knocked out of him as he got back to his feet. He spotted Nova walking painfully over to him. The Growlithe blasted a few more bugs out of his way and joined his trainer. Bri looked around. Was he the only one left?

    Thyme leapt to the canapy and used her vines to hit the Ariados. It jumped out of the way, and fired Poison Sting at her. She danced out of it's reach.
    "Call them all off!" she ordered. She fired more Bullet Seeds at it, which it couldn't dodge fast enough. It responded with String Shot, which she jumped away from. She hoped she could take it out before it wore her down and she couldn't dodge!
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