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    2nd Update
    Went to Bill's and got S.S Ticket
    Got to Vermillion
    Trained Mankey until Lv.19
    Got aboard S.S Anne
    Beat A bunch of trainers.
    Taught Rest to Mankey
    Got HM01 Cut
    Taught Body Slam and Cut to Ivysaur
    Beat Lt.Surge
    Taught Thunderbolt to Mankey
    Caught Pidgey Lv.13

    Current Location: Vermillion City
    Going To: Celadon City

    Current Team:
    Ivysaur Lv.28 Moves: Vine Whip, Cut, Body Slam, Poison Powder
    Golbat Lv.27 Moves: Bite, Leech Life, Confuse Ray, Whirlwind
    Mankey Lv.25 Moves: Dig, Karate Chop, ThunderBolt, Rest
    Pidgey Lv.13 Moves: Gust, Sand Attack, Quick Attack

    Current Challenges:
    First Route Challenge (Emerald)
    One by One Challenge (Red Version)
    Finished Challenges:
    First Route Challenge (Crystal)
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