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Originally Posted by MajorLeagueGamer View Post
For some reason i think the first map reminds of the hoenn contest trophy/statue hall
but i like it :3
and idk of we are gonna meet prof oak, but in the 2nd map i see him. spoiler maybe? :D
Ahah, it's probably the 'formal' aspect xD
And yup, it's Oak; most characters appear in the game, even if it's just as cameos. Very spoiler-ish. :3

Originally Posted by ~DarkAchu~ View Post
Seeing as no-one has entered yet let me be the first.

Trainer Name: Shadow
Gym Type: Dark
One/Two Sentences for meeting eyes: Your weak Pokemon are nothing compared to my Dark types.
One Sentence for defeat: Hmph...
One/Two Sentences for speaking after being defeated: I need to be stronger....
Pokémon in the Team and their Level: Any strong dark type (Because I'm not sure what Pokemon you are featuring in this game.
Alright, thanks! We're using all 4 gens plus several Fakemon, if you want to edit your team xD