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    Originally Posted by aquakip View Post
    @cruciFICTION It's always nice to see PFU fans still following us. A lot of people assume we started here, but in factuality, we started on that site. Felayme is a corpuption of the word Flame.
    Yeah, I can see how you got the name. Feline + Flame and all that. It's just... you know. It says 'lame'. xD Like, when you say it out loud it says 'lame'.

    Originally Posted by aquakip View Post

    Here is the Emort Region map. It is 100% scratch in the BW style. This took me roughly 7 hours to make.
    Only seven hours? I mean, that's an adequate time, I guess, but any dedicated cartographer would spend at least 10, just for quality's sake. :p