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    Originally Posted by Luigi-San View Post
    Username: Luigi-San
    Game: Gold
    Planned Team:
    Ok, Signed Up! Good Luck with the challenge!

    3rd Update

    Trained A Bunch
    Mankey Evolved into Primeape
    Pidgey Evolved into Pidgeotto
    Caught A Drowzee and oddish(I needed HM05 and needed 10 PKMN to get to Lavender)
    Ivysaur evolved into Venusaur
    Drowzee Learned Flash (HM Slave)
    Passed Rock Tunnel
    Passed Lavender
    Got to celadon
    Deposited Drowzee
    Faught Erika and Won

    Current Location: Celadon City
    Going To: Fucshia or Saffron City

    Venusaur Lv.32 Moves: Vine Whip, Cut, Body Slam, Razor Leaf
    Golbat Lv.32 Moves: Bite, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Mega Drain
    Mankey Lv.31 Moves: Dig, Karate Chop, ThunderBolt, Rest
    Pidgey Lv.32 Moves: Wing Attack, Gust, Quick Attack, WhirlWind

    Current Challenges:
    First Route Challenge (Emerald)
    One by One Challenge (Red Version)
    Finished Challenges:
    First Route Challenge (Crystal)
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