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    Chapter 3 - Mammon - Underworld

    I grin widely at the question, and my grip slips away from his chin. "Oh, but you have options! Don't you like having options towards the things you need?" I spun on my heels and began pacing the room; recalling the different forms the payment could take. "Option one, and the most stereotypical, we take your soul when you die. This can go either way, really. If Ashura is still Ashura when you die, you'll go to the Underworld. But~" I clasp my hands behind my back; stopping to look at the machete hung up on the wall. "If it's Eashura, you'll go to the Shadowworld. Even more stereotypical!" I turn my head from the wall, to look at him. "While the Underworld has freedom, the Shadowworld will make you a caged bird. I'll get further into that later."

    I continue walking with my eyes trained to the floor. "Sacrifice... People tend to choose this one since it's the easiest. Sacrifice a person every three weeks. People also tend to cheat on this one; sacrificing people who are going to die soon anyways. Once, I had a contractor waltz into a hospital, and he was set for a good ten years."

    Suddenly, I appear back in front of Raike; my eyes glistening. "Option three used to be a simple enchange when Asmodeus and Levira were here. An eyeball for power. Pretty painful. Option three, is now something exciting..." I shift around Raike; my clothing slightly blurred with a red smoke before I am centimeters from his face. "For every inch of emotion you show...Hm... You'll experience the pain equal. Smiling... Laughter... Touch. Converted into a horrific pain to your soul and body. Some have managed to hide the pain they're in, but there is always people who are drived to complete insanity~ Can you think of what Bernkastel chose?"

    I reappear over by the door, back to the floor as I form an arch. It's as if I'm falling in slow motion. "If I were you, I'd pick option two~ The Shadowworld is a horrible place to be for an eternity. And that whole emotion into pain? I forbid you from choosing that." I pause, and for the final time, I appear on my bed; criss-cross. "Besides, there will be plenty of opportunities to do the sacrifices. You have an easy one tonight, too!" I giggle lightly. "I'm not the one who can see the future. Vergil can, though! So, what will it be?"

    Chapter 3 - Bernkastel Vermillia - Demon District

    "Help you survive," I mumble, quick to regain my emotionless expression. Vergil was definitely going to nag at me after this... I inhaled as the burning in my throat ceased to exist... For a few seconds. "Please keep it on at all times. Including for sleep. I don't have to remind you about the Natruo incident, correct?" Marisa nods shyly, and places the stones around her neck. She seemed to be fine with it. Fang, on the other hand, looked totally uncomfortable with the surging heat eminating from the necklace. "Marisa, when and if you can, I would like a description of the four strangers that are to be present with you. Kerin, practice magic at training. Fang, I would like you to pay attention to Fausto's replacement when they arrive. Thank you." I take a handful of chips, and eat silently. Marisa raises her hand.


    I look at Marisa, with only the slightest darkness in my tone when I say; "Because. There is a good chance those four are going to kill you. Better of a chance than Ryuu, really. The necklaces are for that reason. They protect your insecurities. Whatever... They may be." I look at Kerin for the last bit of my speech, and then Fang. "Training starts early. I'll assist if the need arises...Sleep." I kiss the top of Marisa's head, and make my way over to the ledge facing the Demon's Tower. "...If you can." And that is when I fall off the edge like a plank of wood; disappearing outside the light and into the darkness.

    Vergil sighs lowly, rubbing his eyebrows. "Good luck dealing with her. But she's right. You'll live longer with those necklaces. Just keep them away from us, alright?" He mumbles to himself about 'stupid Bern and her creepy witchcraft' and stands. In an awkward fashion, he snatches the moth out of the air, grabs the cat by the collar, and goes over to Shiro. "You just inherited a cat. Congrats."

    He plops the cat into the girl's lap. He then, with great difficulty, peels the pissed-off lizard off of the greenhouse. "Shut up, Zane. Stay and you'll give the entire city nightmares." He then, nochalantly, chucks the lizard off in a random direction. A few metres away, a glowly-black square opens up out of nowhere, and swallows the lizard out of existance. Keeping hold of the struggling moth by the wings, Vergil steps over to the break in reality. "No, Alice. You cannot stay and party.... Yes, you can party in your room... No. I'm not com-...Fine." And he disappears into the square. And just as quickly, it's gone.

    "....What the heck just happened?" Fang asks.
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