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Note: Have a look at the artwork for the map of Hoenn. If you have any knowledge of geography, you'll recognise it as a so-called super-volcano, like Yellowstone - only bigger. This is one of two ideas that spawned this story; I had one for the beginning, and one for the end. I wanted someone with a Rotom in their head, and I wanted to point out, in the most spectacular way imaginable, that the ocean easy of Hoenn appears to have been designed to be the world's bigget caldera. The rest of the story was kind of made up as I went along.
Wow. I haven't seen a set-up this big since 8-Bit Theatre. EPIC! :D

Funny. In the games, the Regi Trio had no purpose whatsoever. Look at them NOW. You just made them awesome. (Had no idea they were machines. Maybe I should draw a picture of them... )

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