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Originally Posted by matt0044 View Post
Plus, I do think that it's important to start a journey fic with the Main character(s) getting their first Pokemon since it's better to have an origin from the get-go. However, it shouldn't just be so straight-forward as the Trainer getting his first Pokemon and Pokedex.
Rachel from Generation 2021 never gets a Pokédex. It's not really standard to get one of those, really. I find that the ones that do have those tend to use it as filler, which annoys me.

Originally Posted by Dagzar
About the journey fics that turn into something else as it goes along thing, I don't think the writers plan for something like that to happen. It doesn't matter what idea you have in the future for you fic, it's safe to say that it'll change as you go along. Maybe the writers just find their stories are focusing on something other than the badges or journey, and just decide to take it in that direction.
This is true. For a journey fic to stay a determined, course-bound journey fic the whole way through would be quite boring, to say the least. Even the journey in the canon games isn't quite as linear as some people take it to be.