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    For the past two hours, I've been searching all over the internet trying to find a solution. If I add a Pokeball with an item in it, I will press A in front of it. It'll give me the item, but if I walk a step away, it'll automatically reappear. If I put "hidesprite 0x[person event no.]," the object will be gone until I reenter the map. This is really aggravating me, as I would like to move onto working on my next city.

    The Pokeball giveitem script is just like any other Pokeball in the game. I'm not sure if I have to set some special Person ID or something, though. If that would change anything, please tell me.

    I also have another script where you talk to a guy that's blocking the Poke Mart door to give you running shoes.

    (I use XSE, I find it the easiest to use)
    #dynamic 8000000
    #org @start
    msgbox @mom MSG_FACE
    fanfare 0x13E
    setflag 0x82F (gives running shoes for those wondering)
    applymovement 0xA @movement
    waitmovement 0xA (0xA is the guy in front of the Poke Mart's person event no.)
    hidesprite 0xA
    msgbox @received MSG_NORMAL
    msgbox @instructions MSG_NORMAL
    For the sake of time, I don't feel like copying over the movements and the message box text. They all are written properly and function in the game. Pokecommunity doesn't work on my other computer for some reason. All other sites do, but Pokecommunity doesn't.

    Thank you so much in advance for anyone who can help.