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    Bug Fix

    Originally Posted by Jacob .F. View Post
    i was following your story step-by-step (as a guide to become more used to the program) when i ran into an error message. follow the following URL to view the error message.!/?cid=8597b46c326742c1&sc=photos&uc=1&id=8597B46C326742C1%21120!cid=8597B46C326742C1&id=8597B46C326742C1%21124&sc=photos
    OK I figured out what went wrong:
    1. You didn't have an active sprite to import to. (Your pic of NSE was void of editor windows)
    2. NSE wasn't checking if you had an active sprite when you clicked import (Thus resulting in a null pointer)

    I've fixed the problem, and uploaded the fixed version (attached to the first post)
    version: Alpha 3.0 r1 (Although it won't say this in NSE)

    Sorry to everyone- this was more a bug on my part