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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
My friends and I were talking for hours in a coffee shop last night after seeing DH2 again, and we all sort of agreed that if you couldn't check the "all" button under movies and books (or at least books) in the registration form, you probably shouldn't be taking up a beta spot. Rather elitist of us but... one of us especially is absolutely obsessed with the series so. XD;
I agree with that train of thought. I originally thought that that was a trick question. Granted everyone would probably check them all anyway, given that questions like that are usually wtf-ish when you're registering for early access and wanted to increase their chances at getting in. But I remember when I went to the midnight premier, there were people I knew from high school in the theaters who were clearly only there because it was the in-thing that night and up until then didn't show the slightest interest in Harry Potter. I bet some of them haven't even read the book. They all got up and left as soon as the movie ended, where - what I felt was the real fans - stayed behind and left slowly after the credits, unable to admit that it was over. And I can't help but remember myself thinking that they were just wasting a space for someone who actually wanted to come to the premiere - someone that cared deeply about Harry Potter. Things like that really irk me, when people who don't care about something are given the opportunity to take something away from someone who are die hard fans.