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Flamethrower, Magical Leaf, Light Screen, Astonish, Rock Slide, Ice Beam... WOW. What a list! I really got lucky with those moves.

Two questions though - firstly, what's the rule about moves learned by Heart Scale? Strictly speaking they ARE level-up moves, but I wondered if they were disallowed.

Secondly, is it ok to trade across all of my team at Lv.1 before the 1st Gym?

My team will be picked from the following (all Pokemon I want to raise, which I can trade over right at the start):

Flamethrower – Ninetales
Magical Leaf – Tropius
Light Screen – Starmie
Astonish – Stantler
Rock Slide – Tyranitar
Ice Beam – Glalie
Sapphire - Pearl - Fire Red - Soul Silver - Black
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