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First Update on FireRed.

  1. Megahorn
  2. Wing Attack
  3. Rapid Spin
  4. Constrict
  5. Agility
  6. Pursuit
  • I'm Sticky, you're Stucky.
  • Got Squirtle named Spinner. Grinded to L10 while doing Parcel quest, then caught Winger the Pidgey.
  • Went through Viridian Forest, then beat Brock easily with Spinner.
  • On Route 3, I caught Megaking the Nidoran♂. Spinner evolved into Wartortle.
  • Went through Mt. Moon, Megaking evolved into Nidorino and then Nidoking. Winger also evolved into Pidgeotto.
  • Arrived in Cerulean, beat Stucky and Nugget Bridge, then saved Bill.
  • Beat Misty pretty easily with Winger and Spinner.
  • Went to Vermilion City and saved after trading for Farfetch'd.

Team Sticky:

Winger, ♂ - L23
Jolly, Keen Eye
Quick Attack, Tackle, Gust, Sand-Attack

Megaking, ♂ - L23
Docile, Poison Point
Thrash, Peck, Focus Energy, Double Kick

Spinner, ♂ - L23
Serious, Torrent
Mega Punch, Bite, Water Pulse, Withdraw
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