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    Originally Posted by matt0044 View Post
    Like there's an overall plot to the fic and the beginning featuring the Professor giving the Trainer(s) his/her Pokemon is essential to getting the reader(s) hooked.
    Is it though? Can't the reader be hooked by the story beginning at a later date in the trainer's journey? It's not always essential to have an original trainer story begin with the trainer getting their starting Pokemon. Like what was said: sometimes it's just better to start where the story is actually supposed to begin. Otherwise, the story stalls out a bit because the author tacked on a getting-the-starter beginning and made it exciting to hook the reader, but stalls for a bit until they get where the story can pick up again. It would be better, in that scenario, to just skip the general beginning and start where the plot starts, hooking the reader that way. Because some plots can't begin with an attack on the lab by the evil team. Some plots begin months after the starting Pokemon event.

    I'm not saying that all journey fics have bad beginnings. I'm just saying that when the author feels forced to begin their fic with the new trainer starting their journey instead of skipping it, then it's bad. Because that's not where the plot should begin.