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    Err.....really Chaos Jester? I don't see how....but thanks anyway! :D

    I've finally installed Windows Live messenger! Add me to discuss the LP!

    Well, heres a quick 77 screen cap update!
    Is it me, or do the screen caps have MUCH more cleaner quality? Maybe cuz I started to use Photobucket, it takes less clicks to insert images! :D

    Chaputa 4: Beehive tentacle rape forest!
    *EDIT: I have deleted this chapter due to the fact that there are many pornographic images in it
    I will find the lowlife who had done this*

    That took a while...
    Don't forget to add me on MSN! We shall discuss my LPs....and stuff...
    I'm just an Emochu here to have fun. That is all.