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I'll move this to the In-game Team Help section for you as that's where stuff like this belongs.

The team itself is fine but it may need to be higher in level (in which case refight people via the Vs Seeker/check for any skipped battles). Some of the moves could be better too - e.g. Infernape has Flame Wheel instead of a better fire move (for instance Flare Blitz, Flamethrower, etc), and you should certainly remove Cut and Rock Smash for the league as you won't be using those moves in battle. Dialga may be considered as cheap by some but if you want to use it Metal Claw won't get much use I suspect...

Staraptor can drop Defog as well and Golduck doesn't need both Surf and Waterfall for battling as well as both Strength and Rock Climb - I suggest Ice Beam at least in place of one of those. You can always us other Pokemon for HM duties after all.