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    Update #1-

    Seren set out on his journey with Bulbasaur (after losing to Dor's Charmander).
    Caught Pidgey on the way back to Viridian City - fought and beat Dor.
    Got through Viridian Forest before catching Caterpie outside Pewter City.
    Trained for a while, evolving Caterpie into Butterfree before going to Pewter City Gym.
    Butterfree confused Diglett and Geodude while Bulbasaur whipped Sandshrew and Onix.
    Bulbasaur attempted to evolve after beating Brock, but I stopped it
    Recieved the Boulder Badge

    Bulbasaur - Level 16
    Moves: Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip

    Pidgey - Level 16
    Moves: Gust, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack

    Butterfree - Level 16
    Moves: Tackle, Stun Spore, Confusion, PoisonPowder
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