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Originally Posted by tehGDS View Post
The tree doesn't match the style of the other tiles or the OW's, change the colorscheme a bit, and make some overlap the bridge, that's all the crit, so good luck, everything looks good so far
Scroll down

Originally Posted by Snakebyte View Post
I'm in favor of fakemon if they look good, always have been.
Me too :D

Originally Posted by ~Kian~ View Post
Everything looks really professional and tidy, the sprites, story and all of it looks great..
I'm going to vote for Fakemon as long as they are as professional as the hack looks so far..
I have seen your fakemon and they look good.
Hope you finish this hack, i will be keeping an eye on it, maybe play the beta \^.^/


Thanks :D

Originally Posted by The Grubby Pup View Post
From what I looked at in the looks mighty fine to me.

Uh, I really like the character design you made for the main trainer.
Thanks :D
I never designed the main character though lol, I saw a public sprite on WAH, and said to myself "hey, if I recolour that as grey, it'll be perfect!" I now realise the sprite is not actually perfect though so that'll be redone but the design won't.

Originally Posted by Quickster View Post
I really like the looks of this game. I cant believe I havent posted here before. I love the way the trees look, well the tiles in general. The overworlds also blend very nicely with the enviroment. I think I know the starters too. With that hint you gave? I also think you shouold add those fakemon, as long as they look good!
Thanks :D
And there may have been a hint...somewhere


This update would've been longer had a certain script not decided to f up. For those who are too lazy to shift there eyes up a little bit, I inserted new cave tiles, fixed the Gym up a little and replaced Volt Tackle with Wild Charge.