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    Before National Dex
    Serperior Leaf Blade Giga Drain Coil Dragon Tail
    Krookodile Earthquake Crunch Dragon Claw Brick Break
    Vanniluxe Ice Beam Mirror Coat Flash Cannon Blizzard
    Jellicent Surf Shadow Ball Blizzard Hydro Pump/Water Spout
    Klinklang Thunderbolt Flash Cannon Gear Grind Shift Gear
    Sigilyph Psychic Air Slash Fly Shadow Ball
    After National Dex
    Kingdra Waterfall Rain Dance Dragon Pulse Dragon Dance
    Mismagius Shadow Ball Thunderbolt Power Gem Mean Look
    Heracross Megahorn Close Combat Aerial Ace Stone Edge
    Sigilyph Psychic Ice Beam Fly Shadow Ball
    Milotic Surf Ice Beam Bulldoze Hydro Pump
    Dragonite Dragon Claw Aerial Ace Flamethrower Earthquake
    Feraligatr and Krookodile Best Pokemon Ever
    my pokemon alpha sapphire team
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