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    Hope this is okay...

    : Marcus Harvey "Marc" Grayson
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Legendary: Darkrai
    Physical Appearance: See picture below. When Darkrai “takes over”, he loos more pale and "zombie-like", his eyes become completely blue, and his face becomes emotionless. Also, he looks older because of Darkrai's soul inside of him, like if he was in his mid twenties when he's actually 19.
    Personality: After his life went down the crapper, Marc started being highly distrusting of others and obsessed with revenge. All because of Richard Head, the man who took everything away from him and turned the clean-cut genius he once was into an unshaven mess with drinking problems. He also has a short fuse and will get mad for the smallest things. For example, he will yell at someone just for sneezing in front of him.
    Reason for Grudge: Marc was at the top of his world. He had a cute girlfriend. He was about to get a degree at a very young age because of his smartness. And he had a well-paid job he really enjoyed. But a coworker named Richard Head envied him, and when Marc’s boss retired, he pulled strings and took over the job, when Marc thought he would get it. After that, he stole Marc’s girlfriend and got him fired. Marc became depressed after this, which caused him to get bad grades and eventually drop out of college. He became an alcoholic and was thinking about taking his own life when Darkrai’s soul came to him.
    Other: When Darkrai speaks through Marc, his voice becomes a lot deeper and sounds more like a monster.

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