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Originally Posted by greg0915 View Post
could you tell me what nature these are?
Lv.100 shiny Carracosta
Lv.100 Carracosta
Lv.100 shiny Archeops

I do have some shinies, Flawless's and EV trained i will trade
shiny carracosta adamant - alert to sounds
carracosta adamant - alert to sounds
shiny archeops jolly - sturdy body
Originally Posted by tandyboy97 View Post
ok awesome ;D which FC will u be using and what time will u be available to trade??
Do you have a 4th gen game? Cuz its on my pearl 1 fc and transferring it b/w games is annoying = ="
3DS XL FC: 4441 9441 0140 (Friend safari: Electric type)
3DS FC: 3007 8602 5963 (Friend safari: Fire type)
Wii U NNID is Ginji_70 (add me if you want to race on MK8)