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    Did the first part of this and it all repointed but i reopened in Sappy after editing the XML to look like this.

    <rom code="BPRE" name="Pokémon Fire Red" songtable="0x800000" creator="Gamefreak">
            <playlist name="Main">
                <song track="0x100">Healing (RS)</song>
                <song track="0x101">Level Up </song>
                <song track="0x107">Evolution Start</song>
                <song track="0x108">Evolution/Safari</song>
                <song track="0x109">Battle 1</song>
                <song track="0x10A">Battle 2</song>
                <song track="0x10C">Fanfare 1</song>
                <song track="0x10D">Fanfare 2</song>
                <song track="0x10E">You Fail It!</song>
                <song track="0x10F">You Fail It Again!</song>
                <song track="0x110">Follow Me</song>
                <song track="0x111">Game Corner</song>
                <song track="0x112">Evil Lurks</song>
                <song track="0x113">Gym</song>
                <song track="0x114">Jigglypff's Song</song>
                <song track="0x115">Introducion</song>
                <song track="0x116">Pokemon Theme</song>
                <song track="0x117">Cinnabar Island</song>
                <song track="0x118">Lavender Town</song>
                <song track="0x119">Healing</song>
                <song track="0x11A">Bicycle</song>
                <song track="0x11B">Encounter 1</song>
                <song track="0x11C">Encounter 2</song>
                <song track="0x11D">Encounter 3</song>
                <song track="0x11E">You're In The Hall Of Fame!</song>
                <song track="0x11F">Viridian Forest</song>
                <song track="0x120">Mount Moon</song>
                <song track="0x121">Abandoned Place</song>
                <song track="0x122">End Credits</song>
                <song track="0x123">Route Theme 1</song>
                <song track="0x124">Route Theme 2 / Intro</song>
                <song track="0x125">Route Theme 3</song>
                <song track="0x126">Route Theme 4</song>
                <song track="0x127">Indigo Plateau</song>
                <song track="0x128">Battle 3</song>
                <song track="0x129">Battle 4</song>
                <song track="0x12A">Battle 5</song>
                <song track="0x12B">Battle 6</song>
                <song track="0x12C">Pallet Town</song>
                <song track="0x12D">Oak's Lab</song>
                <song track="0x12E">Oak's Theme</song>
                <song track="0x12F">Pokémon Center</song>
                <song track="0x130">SS Anne</song>
                <song track="0x131">Surf's Up</song>
                <song track="0x132">Pokémon Tower</song>
                <song track="0x133">Silph Co.</song>
                <song track="0x134">Cerulean City</song>
                <song track="0x135">Celadon City</song>
                <song track="0x136">Victory 1</song>
                <song track="0x137">Victory 2</song>
                <song track="0x138">Victory 3</song>
                <song track="0x139">Vermillion City</song>
                <song track="0x13A">Viridian City</song>
                <song track="0x13B">Gary's Theme</song>
                <song track="0x13C">Gary's Theme (bis)</song>
                <song track="0x13D">Fanfare 3</song>
                <song track="0x13E">Fanfare 4</song>
                <song track="0x13F">You caught a Pokémon!</song>
                <song track="0x140">Trainer Card Photo</song>
                <song track="0x141">Gamefreak</song>
                <song track="0x142">Victory 2 (bis)</song>
                <song track="0x143">Intro Message 1</song>
                <song track="0x144">Intro Message 2</song>
                <song track="0x145">Intro Message 3</song>
                <song track="0x146">Game Corner (+1)</song>
                <song track="0x147">Game Corner (+2)</song>
                <song track="0x148">Net Center</song>
                <song track="0x149">Mystery Connection</song>
                <song track="0x14A">Game Corner (+3)</song>
                <song track="0x14B">Mount Ember</song>
                <song track="0x14C">Follow Me (alt)</song>
                <song track="0x14D">Water Labyrinth</song>
                <song track="0x14E">Tanoby Ruins</song>
                <song track="0x14F">Islands 1-3</song>
                <song track="0x150">Islands 4-5</song>
                <song track="0x151">Islands 6-7</song>
                <song track="0x152">PokéFlute</song>
                <song track="0x153">Battle - Deoxys</song>
                <song track="0x154">Battle 5 (+1)</song>
                <song track="0x155">Battle 5 (+2)</song>
                <song track="0x156">Encounter 4</song>
                <song track="0x157">Deoxys Encounter</song>
                <song track="0x158">Trainer Tower</song>
                <song track="0x159">Pallet Town (fame mix)</song>
                <song track="0x15A">Teachy TV</song>
    Now the songs work but are all in the wrong order. For example, Pallet Town plays the Pokemon battle music. Does this happen or have I made a mistake?

    EDIT: Yeah, my fault. Somehow I managed to paste it a few rows down than I meant to. Weird how it still worked.
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