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    Did the first part of this and it all repointed but i reopened in Sappy after editing the XML to look like this.

    Healing (RS)Level Up Evolution StartEvolution/SafariBattle 1Battle 2Fanfare 1Fanfare 2You Fail It!You Fail It Again!Follow MeGame CornerEvil LurksGymJigglypff's SongIntroducionPokemon ThemeCinnabar IslandLavender TownHealingBicycleEncounter 1Encounter 2Encounter 3You're In The Hall Of Fame!Viridian ForestMount MoonAbandoned PlaceEnd CreditsRoute Theme 1Route Theme 2 / IntroRoute Theme 3Route Theme 4Indigo PlateauBattle 3Battle 4Battle 5Battle 6Pallet TownOak's LabOak's ThemePokémon CenterSS AnneSurf's UpPokémon TowerSilph Co.Cerulean CityCeladon CityVictory 1Victory 2Victory 3Vermillion CityViridian CityGary's ThemeGary's Theme (bis)Fanfare 3Fanfare 4You caught a Pokémon!Trainer Card PhotoGamefreakVictory 2 (bis)Intro Message 1Intro Message 2Intro Message 3Game Corner (+1)Game Corner (+2)Net CenterMystery ConnectionGame Corner (+3)Mount EmberFollow Me (alt)Water LabyrinthTanoby RuinsIslands 1-3Islands 4-5Islands 6-7PokéFluteBattle - DeoxysBattle 5 (+1)Battle 5 (+2)Encounter 4Deoxys EncounterTrainer TowerPallet Town (fame mix)Teachy TV
    Now the songs work but are all in the wrong order. For example, Pallet Town plays the Pokemon battle music. Does this happen or have I made a mistake?

    EDIT: Yeah, my fault. Somehow I managed to paste it a few rows down than I meant to. Weird how it still worked.
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