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Originally Posted by matt0044 View Post

In other words, I'm doing that whole "generic" beginning but I'm really starting the plot there. If I were to skip it all and show it in a flashback, I wouldn't like it and neither would the readers.

Not that skipping said beginning can't ever work. I'm just saying that not skipping it can work when the author puts some thought into it and plans things out.
Skipping that beginning works for fanfics where the plot doesn't begin there.

Not every author fully plans out their story.

Sometimes, fully planning out the story still means that the beginning happens after the starting Pokemon is received.

What works for you as a writer does not hold true for every other writer out there.

Yes, if the story should begin with the starter Pokemon event, then start it there. But if it starts days/weeks/months after that, no matter how much planning the author puts into it, then the story should begin where the plot begins.

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