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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
There are tons of Ravenclaws in this thread, I wonder... why does it seem to be the most popular house to get into?

I'm more negative about the end of Potter. At this point in my depression it just feels like that would be reminiscing on the Potter world than actually living it as we all did that first magical time. And reminiscing on something that once was makes me feel even sadder than before. Of course, I'm not saying I'll never read the books again, they're something I'll re-read and re-read until I die, but right now I just can't bring myself to do it.
1. I think a lot of people want Ravenclaw because as they grow up, they see themselves as sophisticated and smart which is sort of the default view of that house. :P As kids we all probably clung to a different favourite house or thought others were cool. But everyone wants to think they're an academic and wise in the end, haha!

2. Don't feel bad! Yes, the main story of Harry Potter is over now that all the movies have been adapted but... reread the books and you learn something new every time. You can read a chapter and sit for an hour marvelling at all the detail JK Rowling put into the books. You can trawl the HP wiki for information that was in the compilation of the series (books, movies, TCG, video games, interviews, etc.) that you never noticed and there's just... so, so much that I think it'll be years and years before I feel satisfied that I learnt everything I can from that world. /sap

I'm currently filling the void by starting an RP with two of my close RL friends. It's sort of a crack AU about if James Potter didn't die on the night Harry got his scar because he was in the washroom when Voldemort showed up so he, Sirius and Lupin end up raising Harry who will probably terrorize the hell out of Snape. It's so much fun thus far. XD;