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you do know he is male right or does your keyboard come with some optional gender pronoun with it? that would be cool. maybe it lights up too. also he's probably a better singer than you who are you to judge?

Those things that typical "fans" say always irks me. It comes out of about 99% of those so called "beliebers" to try to defend him (there, you happy?). You don't necessarily have to be good at something that you do to be a critic. Just because someone has different opinions doesn't mean you have to be butthurt over it.

His (again, happy?) popularity is diminishing though. He's on his way to becoming an Aaron Carter. It was so frustrating when I saw bieber in yahoo news every other day.

I was jealous of him, but now I'm not anymore. Life is about making your own living and enduring hardships that come with it. He could retire in his early 20s, but he's probably not going to be happy with it. If you don't see what I mean, just try playing hacked version of minigames like age of war and tower defense type games with unlimited resources. You quickly become tired and bored with it.