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Originally Posted by Katalyst View Post
Justin Bieber is being used as a money generator. That's how most of pop works. If you look good and have a high-pitched voice, BAM, there is a money machine. And all this teen craze around him is only an advantage to that.
About the music, I don't like it. Neither do I like his singing. End of story.
Yes, I totally agree with you. Justin Bieber is very mainstream pop, and none of that is actually about talent, but about how much money you can make. So, you can see that a majority of his songs feature someone like Ludacris or Chris Brown.

The thing I really hate about him is his fans. The pre-teen and teenage girls go as far as border-line obsession into him, defending him from even the remote insults with a vicious demeanor, but I still don't hate him personally. It's more of a neutral stand now.