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    Originally Posted by Vnalder View Post
    It appears that the Rudolph patch doesn't work. I patched soul silver and then patched it with neo soulsilver and it still freezes after the intro.
    Hm, okay...did you make sure to patch the clean rom to Rudolph's Patch, first? Then afterward, patch the Neo Soul. patch to the already patched SoulSilver rom.

    These patches should also be compatible with pre-patched SoulSilver roms, ya know...ones with AP already patched.

    I know that my Black & White patches were compatible with both of Coolkill3r's (A guy from gbatemp) pre-patched B&W roms. So, I'm gonna assume all my other patches should be too.
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    Anyways, for Sol Platinum users, I finally made a fix for the game. Your Pokemon should evolve now. You can download the new patch on the original post.

    It includes other fixes for my other mods, like Magmar not being able to evolve on Yin Black & Yang White and other stuff; if you were encountering something on Neo Soulsilver, I didn't really find any bugs in there...But decided to make new patch for it anyways.

    Also, moveset fix, I found why re-beta testing Sol Platinum.

    Anyways, if you find any bugs...Just send it to the thread and I'll see what I can do.
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