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    Sorry I could not answer all of your bug problems, but the best I can do is redirect you to the PMU forums where you can report your problems. Good Luck~ (Link in my signature).

    @Wigeon What kind of error message were you getting?
    You can always try reporting the error at the PMU Forums.

    That was a recent bug we were having;I think it should have been fixed by now. If not you can report the problem on forums~

    Lol, I think they walk pretty normal now, but I might be mistaken.
    But PMU does have a spriting group working on editing all the walking/idle sprites so they look good! So if they look bad now; they will be edited in the near future.
    Sometimes when downloading you have to try a few times. Hopefully it will work soon. D:

    @H i l d a
    Ohai Appa! Apparently you're famous! xD (you're name came up the other day). But the community has grown exponentially again and is active and thriving. I think it has changed a lot since the beginning of PMU7.
    Its true a relatively large group of people didn't return,but there has been a trickle of people returning. OwO
    I hope to see you online some time~

    From the Dojo in town you can get to the Arena, where you can then battle other players!
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