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Originally Posted by KinokiGaming View Post

Heatran Lvl 100 (Shiny)
OT: Kurt | ID: 41153
Naive | Flash Fire
Iv's: 30/31/31/30/31/31
Ev's: 252 SpA/4 SpD/254 speed
Fire Blast
Hiden Power (Grass 70)
Earth Power

I also like your Hariyama also just because of it's nick name. It's so priceless, if you see anything else you might like, just tell me. I would even do a breeding project for you. xD (Note, I don't do shinnies because I hate them with a passion... most of them anyways...)
I agree. 80% of the time the shiny versions are way worse looking than the regular ones. For the 2nd pokemon I'd like (if its possible please) a Jolly Jolteon with HP grass 70 and good IV's. If it's too much of a request, I can always choose something in your thread.

I have my eyes on one of these if jolteon is too much trouble:

Thanks again
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