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    Originally Posted by chibihalo View Post
    guys i have a problem,you see i use my psp as a portable emulator now i have to gba emulators on the psp.1 being UO gpSP kai and the second UO gpSP kai 3.2 test 8.7 and they run most all my roms even the hacked ones but when it comes to pokemon light platinum goes in either one it just shows up a white screen i have no idea what to do,do you guys have any ideas on why it wont work or tips to fix this prob cause i want to play this game badly. by the way i love all the pokemon hacks that are here.

    Try This It Helps me run englsih beta 2 of light platinum on my psp..
    well....aint working on gpsp....too bad...i got white screen, and on that emulator i cant change to 128k....well i aint going to play it after all

    ""wow i found which is the problem.....Wesley modified the header of the rom, and the emulator dont recognize it as a ruby rom so it cant determine the save size and it uses the default of 64k....which results in a white screen.

    Here is what i did, downloaded this tool GBA-Header tool v1.0

    loaded pokemon light platinum already patched on a ruby 1.0 rom, selected COPY HEADER, and copied the header from the original Pokemon Ruby 1.0...

    Then Download VBA Then On Option Emulator-Save type-Flash 128k Then Reset the VBA..You Will Able To Play It On VBA and GBSP

    I hope it helps those who want it to play it on psp, or maybe on a mobile phone."

    Thanx To PTSHADY..hope it help..
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