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    Chapter 3 - Fang Yumigami - Vampire District

    "Hm?" I look over at Kerin curiously, as he asks about the necklaces. Okay, easy enough. "It's Alchemy."

    "Alchemy?" Marisa's gold eyes roll over me questioningly, as she nibbles on a chip. I nod at her.

    "Yea, alchemy. Me and my mother did alchemy together a few years back. Stone alchemy like this." I raise my own necklace off from my chest. "Each stone holds different properties. Normally, we just sold the stones seperately, but we did have some recipes to make charms. Stone alchemy is pretty complicated, ya know? Bern must be some kind of professional, because these things are high-quality." I look the stones over from within their web of gold string. "My necklace here? It deals with emotional departure and physical balance. This thing would cost about... Twenty hundreds?" I reach over, and hold out Marisa's necklace. "Marisa's necklace works on psychic grounding, and physical protection. Hers is extremely rare because it's so difficult to make. Ninety hundreds is the price for it." I let it go, and nod at Kerin's necklace. "Yours is a little more common. It deals with the life-death circle. About twenty hundred for that, too. All of ours also protect our weak points. So, mine would be the center of bad choices and sacrifice, which is my left shoulder."
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